Bright upgrade of ORION led modules


New led modules Arlight series ORION guarantee rich illumination and uniform lighting when creating advertising stands, signs, glowing letters, signs, light boxes.

The important advantages of the modules of the series include a wide range of operating temperatures – from -40 to +60 °C, a high degree of dust and moisture protection and a five-year warranty period. For example, the RGB model is designed to illuminate with variable color, has degree of protection IP67. This distinguishes it from similar models on the market with a maximum degree of protection IP65.

Among the new models are S15, S30 and S45 with a special optical lens that creates an asymmetrical glow angle of 15°/55°. These modules are designed for end illumination of two-sided boxes of different depth and width.

The design feature of the case with an additional aluminum base allows you to effectively remove heat and prevents overheating of the module.

Models R03, R05, R10, R15 and R20 have an optical lens that provides a glow angle of 160°. Such a wide angle allows to achieve uniform illumination of the box.

Due to the compact size of the MINI model, it can be installed even in small light boxes. A reduction in size can reduce the cost of the structure as a whole.

Светодиодные модули Arlight ORION имеют разные показатели светового потока, размеры и углы свечения, что позволяет подобрать нужную модель под конкретную рекламную конструкцию с учетом ее формы и глубины. Для удобства подбора оптимальная глубина установки указана в характеристиках каждой модели.

Светодиодные герметичные модули Arlight Orion демонстрируют новый уровень качества и эффективности при создании световых рекламных конструкций и помогут реализовать самые смелые дизайнерские идеи!

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